Closet Shelves – 7 Tips For Keeping Your Closet in Order With a Closet Organization System

closet built ins in Greenville SCTip #1: Empty it All Out

After investing in closet shelves, AKA closet organizers, many people make the mistake of simply shifting clothes, accessories and shoes around to accommodate them. The ideal way to set up shelves that are truly organized is by removing every last item from your closet. As overwhelming and unpleasant as the task may sound, it’s the only way to start with a slate that’s genuinely clean. Once everything’s out, you can sort it all out into manageable piles. Make one pile for donating, one to keep and one to pack away elsewhere.

Tip #2: Label, Label, Label

Your closet shelving system isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good if everything’s crammed into it in a haphazard way. Efficient, organized people are well-versed in the art of labeling – and you should be, too. All of the bins and cartons that you use to store your clothes will be a jumble of confusion, unless you can tell what is in them at a glance. After all, all of your careful organization will fly right out the window if you have to dig frantically through several bins in order to find that elusive sweater.

Tip #3: Color Coordination is Your Friend

If you think that sorting your clothes by color is wishy-washy and extravagant, think again. Even if you’re not the most fashion-conscious person in the world, you undoubtedly consider the color of your clothing when getting dressed for the day. By sorting everything by color, you can track down what you need in the blink of an eye. Ideally, everything should have its rightful place within your closet organization system. With a color-based sorting scheme, getting there will be a whole lot easier.

Tip #4: Don’t Get Sabotaged by Shoes!

Many times, the upper portions of a person’s closet system are neatly organized; down below, however, is a whole other matter. All too often, piles of shoes are splayed across the floor of a closet. No matter how neat and tidy your closet shelves are, a disheveled floor will ruin the entire effect. There are many great options for organizing your shoes within a closet shelving system. Explore your options, choose a system that will work for you – then use it! You’ll be amazed at what a difference shoe organization can make when it comes to keeping the closet orderly.

Tip #5: Make “One In, One Out” Your Mantra

Shopping trips are the mortal enemies of closet organization. Right after organizing and sorting a closet, you’re bound to be pleased by how roomy and clean it looks. A few trips to the mall later – or a couple of visits by the UPS truck – can turn that organization on its head. Efficient organizers generally follow the “one in, one out” rule: For every new item that you introduce to your closet, another must be removed. After a while, the rule will become like second nature to you – and your closet shelving will stay in tiptop condition!

Tip #6: Maintain an Efficient Post-Washing Regimen

After completing a few loads of laundry, it’s often tempting to simply toss the clothes into baskets and forget about them for a while. By the time you absolutely have to fold them up and put them away, you’re a lot less likely to be neat about it. Get into the habit of immediately folding and putting away your clothes after you wash them. By taking care of business right away, you’ll be able to keep your closet organization scheme intact a lot more easily.

Tip #7: Straighten and Refold as Needed

There’s no rule that says that you should only straighten up a closet once in a blue moon. Whenever you see an errant item of clothing slipping off of a shelf, put it back into place. If your shoes are starting to take over the floor, get them out and get them organized. Perform regular damage control so that the once- or twice-per-year cleanings that you perform aren’t nearly as anxiety-inducing.

Now that you’ve read through the preceding tips, you should be able to see that closet organization really can be a breeze. The difference between a sloppy, untidy closet – and one that’s perennially clean and organized – lies in the habits of its owner. Closet shelves will also go a long way towards keeping everything spic and span.

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