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People just love their homes and are usually pretty content until something goes wrong. Then it is decision time. Is this a small home repair that you can do yourself, or is this something that requires a professional?

Most of the time the small home repairs such as clogged drains, flap on toilet or missing screws are things that can be taken care of easily and it is not given another thought.

But when it comes to something significant like a leaking toilet, hole in the ceiling or a broken garage door, a professional handyman in Greenville SC is needed.

How does one go about getting a good home repair service in Anderson SC?

handyman services in greenville scThe oldest and probably best way is “word of mouth.” If your neighbor has had success with a service, chances are good that you will too. It is great to have a first hand recommendation rather than taking your chances in the yellow pages.

However, some research can and should be performed.

There are places that you can look online where people have recommended a particular service. Many of them have a comment section where you can read about a certain home repair and see if the person was satisfied with the work. Also, you can investigate online what is needed for your situation. There is usually an estimated time given so you know what you are in for. Cost is sometimes listed as well, although this would just be a ballpark figure as each case is different.

Speaking of cost, it is a good idea to get a couple of bids if your home repair project is a big one. The wisdom is usually to get three bids. And do not necessarily go with the lowest. Sometimes the middle one is the one to go with.

The benefits of hiring a service are that the work is usually guaranteed. Most home repair services are more than happy to earn your business and over deliver to make you happy. If that means coming back to fix something, they will do that. Home repair contractors want you to be the next “word of mouth” customer for them and that means a happy customer.

Many times a home repair service will have more than one person working for them. This can come in handy if your repair is complicated. It is the situation of two brains being better than one when thinking about your repair.

Not only do you want your service to be friendly, timely and accurate when completing your home repair, you want the handyman to have some common courtesies.

These would be things like removing their shoes when entering the house.

They need to put down drop cloths when making a mess.

Cleaning up after themselves with their vacuum or yours is necessary.

Some repair professionals have paper booties that they put over their shoes each time they enter the house. This prevents them from having to remove their shoes every time and it keeps your house clean! All of these acts lead to a more positive experience for home repair.

Sometimes people are so caught up in looking at what the home repair professionals do, that they do not think of common courtesies that they themselves may offer.

For example, you should ask the repair people if they would like a soda or some water. Tell them what bathroom they are to use. Try to make their time spent comfortable as well. There are people who think that they should not use the bathroom all day!

That is unreasonable.

You don’t have to cook them lunch, just use some common sense. Then everyone will be happy.

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